EdR Managed Communities

  • 929
  • Bettie Johnson Hall
    Bettie Johnson Hall
  • Billy Minardi Hall
    Billy Minardi Hall
  • Campus Village Apartments
    Campus Village Apartments
  • Centennial Hall
    Centennial Hall
  • Community Park
    Community Park
  • Evergreen Commons
    Evergreen Commons
  • Granville Towers
    Granville Towers
  • Honeysuckle Apartments
    Honeysuckle Apartments
  • Kurz Hall
    Kurz Hall
  • Reinhard Villages
    Reinhard Villages
  • The Courtyards
    The Courtyards
  • University Park
    University Park
  • University Park Apartments
    University Park Apartments
  • Upper Eastside Lofts
    Upper Eastside Lofts
  • Vulcan Village
    Vulcan Village
  • Wesley House
    Wesley House